3M Digital Print Media

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3M Digital Print Media


Durable and Reliable Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Your digital printing system is an important component of graphics production. The use of high-quality materials will ensure that you achieve outstanding graphics. The wide range of 3M films enables you to utilize the full capabilities of your printing system and to fulfil your customers ‘expectations and all of this at an affordable price.


Diversity – Innovative Ideas Need Quality Materials

The diversity of the 3M product range is the basis for innovative ideas. Premium and promotional applications for outdoor advertisements, fleet graphics, signs, indoor applications and decorations, floor graphics, window graphics and reflective graphics are just some examples of the possibilities. Colour profiles are provided as a service to our customers.


Proven Performance and Compatibility

3M works closely with printers, software, and ink manufacturers to ensure compatibility with our products. 3M films have been designed and engineered from the ground up to work consistently and reliably with many wide-format digital printers used in the industry today. This results in high-performance and compatible products on tested printing systems.


3M Quality

3M digital printing materials are distinguished by their excellent processing properties. The high quality of the films, liners and adhesives ensures smooth processing in the printing system. In addition, 3M films are extremely durable, retaining their function over a long time period.


3M quality control makes sure of this. All films for digital printing systems are manufactured with the utmost care, and they are constantly tested as part of our rigorous quality control system. Furthermore, 3M offers a comprehensive service package ranging from technical support, such as calibration, and recommendations for materials and applications, to performance testing and seminars on adhesive techniques together with our partners.


3M™ Comply™ Performance Technology

With its remarkable ‘bubble- and wrinkle-free’ application feature, 3M Comply Performance is the next step to speeding and easing graphic application. The adhesive layer has been developed to contain uniquely configured channels which allow air to escape during the application. When integrated with 3M Controltac positionable adhesive technology, graphics can be applied with even greater speed and minimal risk of graphic damage – a particular benefit to professional applicators of fleet graphics who are looking to increase productivity and reduce vehicle downtime.


3M™ Controltac™ Adhesive

A film with the 3M Controltac positionable adhesive system has millions of precision-placed microscopic glass spheres embedded within its adhesive layer. These spheres help to prevent the adhesive from fully contacting the application surface until pressure is applied.