Avery Application Tools

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Avery Application Tools


A Squeegee is a necessary tool for the application of self-adhesive products. We offer a wide variety of Squeegees for different substrates, products and applications.



No matter which stage of application you are in – prior, during or after – With Avery Dennison liquids you always have the right support.


Knives, Cutters & Spare Blades

Your skills combined with our high-quality cutting tools, help you to cut quickly and precisely during your application.


Various/Other Application Tools

From Spray Bottle and Gloves to a full Application Kit, we provide what professional applicators need to get a job done.


Application Tapes

Application tapes must cope with many different graphics and substrates but choosing them doesn’t have to be complicated.


Edge Sealing Tape

The Edge Sealing Tape portfolio offers a cleaner and faster way to protect Architectural Window Film edges, ensuring great aesthetics and easier installation.