Avery Architectural Window Film

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Avery Architectural Window Film

Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films can improve the performance and transform the appearance of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Major glazing system enhancements are available for both interior and exterior use, including solar protection and window safety applications.


Decorative Window Films

Take advantage of windows as an opportunity for branding and design with window films solutions including privacy films, clear digitally printable films and plotter cut films. Use windows for long-term wayfinding signage or even short-term promotional graphics.


Dual Reflective Window Films

Avery Dennison Dual Reflective Films have been designed for both residential and commercial applications and block over 99% of UV to prevent fading and damage from the sun. They are particularly effective for saving energy associated with building cooling and providing excellent glare control.


Neutral Window Films

Avery Dennison Neutral interior window films add a subtle grey appearance to glazing to reduce heat gain and glare while preserving the natural view through the glass.


Reflective Window Films

With their bold aesthetics, the Avery Dennison Reflective Films deliver a strong visual statement while improving a building’s energy efficiency, the occupants’ comfort and overall value to the commercial building owner.


Safety and Security Window Films

We have over two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing multiple layer safety and security films designed to protect people and property against flying glass shards. Suitable for meeting building codes and insurance requirements, our Safety and Security films may help provide occupants additional time to escape perilous conditions while providing some protection for break-ins and blasts.


Solar Safety Window Films

Avery Dennison Solar Safety interior films combine the shard protection of Safety Security films with outstanding solar energy rejection for the needs of industry, businesses and institutions.


Spectrally Selective Window Films

Avery Dennison’s Spectrally Selective window films reduce solar heat gain while maintaining high levels of daylight entering through windows and while preserving the natural, transparent appearance of the glass.

Vela™ Window Films

Vela™ Dynamic Display System from Avery Dennison is a smart window film that incorporates innovative technology to enhance retail and other commercial interior environments. Designed to be applied to almost any interior glass and engineered for easy maintenance, Vela makes retrofitting existing space with new levels of functionality easier than ever.