Avery Opaque Film

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Opaque Cast Sign Cut Films

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900 Super Cast

Ultra-conformable Supercast films for long-term sign-cut indoor and outdoor applications.


800 Premium Cast

Premium quality cast vinyl for long-term sign-cut indoor and outdoor applications.


SC950 Super Cast 

Avery Dennison SC950 Supercast Cut Vinyl, a collection of 133 vibrant and bold, high-gloss and metallic films, bring the character of today’s brands to life. Features industry-leading weeding and superior conformability for the most demanding applications including outdoor signage, fleet, marine and mass transit.


High-Performance Calendered Films


700 Premium Film

Sign-making just got easier.


Promo Calendered Films


500 Event Film

Opaque monomeric calendered sign-cut films for short-term indoor and outdoor applications