Avery Paint Protection Film

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Paint Protection Film (PPF)- Supreme™ PPF series

Extreme Protection. Ultimate Performance.

Avery Paint Protection Film Supreme™ series is the leading technology in self-healing paint protection. With both gloss and matte finishes, and a gloss black option, these films are designed for full car protection or protecting high-risk bodywork. These high-performance films are made with enhanced polyurethane, which provides high scratch resistance, self-healing, and supreme visual finishes while being virtually invisible.


Supreme™ PPF Xtreme

The latest evolution in Paint Protection Film from Avery Dennison, its next-generation technology delivers an extended 10-year warranty, optimised installation performance, and enhanced self-healing and stain resistance.


Supreme™ PPF Matte

Create a sophisticated and unique finish for your vehicle with our New Supreme™ PPF Matte. This exciting new film transforms your vehicle’s gloss paint to Matte while protecting it from everyday scratches and scuffs.


Supreme™ PPF Neo-Black

Create special accents or transform a roof and hood with our head-turning new hybrid colour change-paint protection film, Supreme™ PPF neo-Black. This distinctive film has a noticeably deeper, richer piano-black colour, and an excellent high gloss finish.