Avery Window Protection Film

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Avery Window Protection Film – Safety & Security Window Films

Optically clear films that protect glazing and people

More than three decades of experience lie behind the development and manufacture of Avery Dennison®️ multi-laminate Safety and Security Window Films. The portfolio offers a convenient solution to protecting people and property against flying glass shards from a wide variety of hazards and threats.


All films also provide excellent UV block, protecting people and property from damaging ultraviolet rays. Suitable for either interior or exterior application, the films offer outstanding transparency – using top-grade polyester and a unique proprietary transparent adhesive.

SF Clear i™ films feature exceptional clarity, low reflectance, and high levels of UV rejection. They are available in thicknesses of 4, 7, 8 and 12 mil for appropriate protection levels.


SF Clear X™ films for exterior installation offer similar benefits and are available in thicknesses of 4 and 7 mil.


Key Features:

  • Increased protection from shattered glass
  • Protection against impact, blast, crime or natural disaster
  • Solution for spontaneous breakage of tempered glass (e.g. balcony glass, using SF Clear X™ film)
  • Super optical clarity, for no-compromise appearance
  • Up to 99% UV block, reducing fading and sun damage



Just ask your Intamarket representative about a Triple-pane Compatibility Check & Thermal Breakage Analysis.