Chemica Application Tools

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Chemica Application Tools


ATT495 Tape

The tape with a paper backing with medium to strong adhesive power. This heat resistant application tape is compliant with most of our printable films. Its medium to strong tack allows you to keep letters or designs in place during the heat transfer application.


ATT 500 Tape

The medium-tack tape with no backing. Reduce time and material waste. Perfect for large productions.


ATT450 Tape

The medium tack tape for multi-purpose usage. Easy to use. White honeycombed backing film. Great for storage.

ATT490 Tape

The economic low tack tape adapted to all printable. White honeycombed backing film.


Weeder Hook

The Chemica hook, a stainless-steel tool of great precision. The extremely sharp hook even allows the most detailed drawings to be scaled without any difficulty.



The tweezers are the ideal tool for the scaling of transfer products. More precise than a cutter blade, this stainless-steel clamp is the essential tool for any stripping work.



The essential tool to expel air bubbles during the hot transfer application of printable flexes.