How to Choose the Right Printing Technology for Your Wide-Format Printing Business

Intamarket Graphics | How to Choose the Right Printing Technology for Your Business

The demand for short-run, wide-format graphics for special events, promotions, point-of-purchase displays, and other alternative advertising has never been more prominent, with demand coming from the world’s top companies to small businesses, non-profits, schools, and even individuals. According to Globe Newswire, the retail value of large format graphics is predicted to reach R 216.29 billion by 2026, with a 5.5% CAGR.


However, a few specialised devices are essential for operating a printing company. Purchasing a printer or printing equipment that matches company-specific needs can indeed be challenging, notably given the diverse amount of technology and options available. Since printing seems to be the link between the physical and digital spaces, organisations require a solution that’s not merely cost-effective but moreover delivers innovative capabilities that satisfy the demands of the digital environment. Additionally, without considering maintenance and post-sales support, printers and printing equipment can soon become a burden rather than an investment.


In this article, Intamarket Graphics will assist organisations in navigating the complex subject of wide-format printing in order to identify the best possible solution for their business and their customers’ needs in order to future-proof their business.

Equipment for large format applications is accessible in an assortment of investment levels, ranging from thousands of rands to a couple of million. Print Equipment Technology is available as roll-to-roll printers for flexible substrates like vinyl,  flatbeds for rigid materials and hybrid models, which can print both flexible and rigid substrates.


As a basic guideline, there is a reasonable balance between innovative technology, structural quality, performance, and cost. When selecting an investment, organisations should never focus solely on data sheets; instead, requesting a specific print sample on their preferred substrate is key. Because acquiring a wide-format printer is a significant financial and technological investment, it is not unusual to request to see a printer in action.  After all, seeing what a piece of equipment can achieve in reality, rather than merely in a controlled environment, is the greatest method to evaluate both the technology and the supplier.

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It is important to understand the overall cost of ownership before purchasing any printing equipment. Service agreement costs, as well as energy requirements, can vary substantially. There is currently no universally acknowledged way to estimate the electronic energy consumption of a wide format printer, however, ISO 21632 (Guidelines to determine the energy consumption of digital printing devices including transitional and related modes) is being established. ISO 21632 is set to provide a standardised approach to determining and comparing the energy consumption of wide-format digital printers.


Additionally, any investor worthy of their management credential has weighed not merely the finances, but also possible markets long before hitting the product purchase stage. Industry magazines or websites, trade exhibitions, and even trips to demonstration rooms can provide a concise overview.

There is no denying that investing in wide-format printers might well be substantial. Thus, before service providers opt to acquire one, they need to thoroughly consider the technology’s true cost. The return on investment is determined by factors other than the initial investment. The least costly model may not always represent the best value. Ink, maintenance, media, downtime, process enhancements, and training all play a role.

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