Intamarket Graphics Equipment Services

We are committed to ensuring that your printing equipment performs day in and day out with our Intamarket Graphics Equipment Services.

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Genuine Parts

With genuine parts, you can rest assured in the high performance that comes from our high-quality components all designed to work together. The best machines deserve the best parts.

Certified Technicians

Our trained experts utilise best practices gained from decades of experience, while being held to the highest standards, with ongoing certification. The best machines deserve the best service.

Printer Services

If your printing equipoment is currently experiencing a fault, our friendly service team can likely help.  We are here to ensure we keep you in production because we know that every hour is of lost production.

Printer, Cutters & Laminator Equipment Repairs & Services

If you have a query, encounter some difficulty, or need to book a scheduled maintenance service on equipment sold by Intamarket then our support team is ready to help. 


You can talk to our Intamarket Graphics Technical Coordinator immediately by calling our National Toll-Free Number 0800 110 679 or completing the booking form below.


Technical Service Hours:  

Open Monday–Friday 8:00 am–16:00 pm

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