Mactac Architectural Window Film

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Mactac Architectural Window Film

Get creative and embellish your building


Mactac Architectural Window film for glass, furniture, floors, walls, backlit surfaces, ceilings, exhibitions and even building fronts can be decorated with plain vinyl, plotter cut or digitally printed graphics with personalized design.


These high-quality films are sure to expand your architectural horizons.


Mactac offers a huge selection of self-adhesive films, perfectly suited for all kinds of interior and exterior decorative purposes.

Mactac architectural window film: take your renovation and decoration projects to the next level.


Are you looking for a professional solution to decorate glass surfaces, floors, interior and exterior walls (brick or plastered), light boxes, ceilings, furniture and even large facades?


The MACmark series consists of films that are coloured to the core. They can be opaque or translucent, and are available in matt or with a glossy finish. Whether you’re after a brushed metal, carbon, leather or even velvet look, these textured vinyl’s look just like ‘the real deal.

The IMAGin series, in turn, comprises printable films that are white, transparent or translucent, and come with a smooth or textured surface. They are compatible with all kinds of digital inkjet-printing technologies.


Finally, the Permacolor series consists of protective films or laminates that serve to protect surfaces against UV-fading, abrasion and even graffiti marks. They’re available in a wide range of different finishes, from matt to high gloss. Our transparent textured laminates give plain surfaces the look and feel of grained wood, brushed metal, leather, peach skin, crystal or carbon. It’s almost impossible to tell them apart from the real thing.


Mactac Architectural graphics

Infinite design possibilities


Thanks to their excellent quality, conformability, printability, and wide range of different finishes (smooth or textured), Mactac’s self-adhesive films offer endless possibilities in terms of graphic effects and designs. 

Mactac offers designers, architects and graphic design agencies decorative self-adhesive films that allow them to use their creativity to the fullest.