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Will using NUtec Inks on my printer cause damage to my printheads?

NUtec has been manufacturing ink for several OEM printer manufacturers for many years including their own NUtec labelled products. Every batch of ink produced follow very strict QC processes from incoming raw material QC to the final QC that involves print testing each batch of ink on the printhead the inks are intended for. Providing your machine is in good working condition, and inspected by an approved NUtec technician, the care & maintenance procedures are done and correctly followed, and the correct ink set is used for your machine, NUtec ink will not damage your printer.


Does NUtec offer a warranty on my machine?

NUtec offers an IDS Warranty for all printers that are still under warranty at the time of changing over to NUtec Ink. For the IDS warranty to apply the printer must be inspected by an approved NUtec Technician to ensure all the Ink Delivery System parts (printhead, dampers, wipers, cap tops) are in good working condition. Refer to the IDS warranty for machines out of warranty.


Can I run the original Ink together with the compatible NUtec ink on my printer at the same time?

Yes, changing over from OEM to the compatible NUtec ink is as simple as removing one cartridge and inserting the NUtec-compatible cartridge.