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Proseries Application Tools

PROSERIES Application Tools bring life to the world of vehicle wrapping.



This is a PROFESSIONAL SERIES tool line, with not only great function, but also amazing appeal.  When you install, we want your customer, co-wrappers, and friends alike to see an overall image that only a great-looking tool could provide.



PROSeries is excited to bring the first custom line of tools to market, and we look forward to growing with your support!  If you like what you’ve seen so far from PROSeries, just wait… the best is yet to come!



In an industry where the image is everything, and everything you do is custom, why create art with a bland tool? Tools are an extension of the installer, and a way to showcase their own flair and individualism. PROSeries has changed the way we see tools and has worked to not only bring you tools that work but also look good doing so.



The PROSERIES PROGLOVE ultimate wrap glove features a unique blend of white scratch-less fabric making them ideal for highly sensitive car wrap installations.


PROGLOVE ultimate car gloves are specifically engineered to allow your hands to breathe whilst retaining a perfect fit and high levels of manoeuvrability.


TrueFit technology fits tight to the base of your fingers and feels as if you’re working without gloves and the special wrap, wash, and wear technology allows you to reuse your gloves again and again by simply washing them once a week. One size fits all!



Designed to be used with the prosqueegee and other 4” squeegees, PROBUFFERS protect your wraps and graphics from scratching during application whilst improving overall application speed and efficiency. There are 2 different types of PROBUFFERS included; dry buffers (monkey strips) are perfect for matte, satin and gloss applications and wet buffers (banana buffers) are perfect for more delicate PPF & chrome applications.


PROBUFFERS are quick and easy to apply to your existing squeegee & leave little to no adhesive residue when removed.



The PROFINISHER is a set of two finisher micro squeegees. The black (harder) PROFINISHER is designed to seamlessly apply film at narrow curves and edges. The red (softer) PROFINISHER is ideal for film application in narrow, concave parts of the car.



The PROSERIES stainless steel back-handled PROKNIFE is the first knife in the market to feature a special red-coated stainless steel blade.


This 9mm snap-off knife is ideal for car wrap installations and for more generic cutting requirements making it the premier choice among professionals.


The rust-resistant stainless steel holder comes with a pre-installed, high-grade red stainless steel, 30-degree PROBLADE which offers ultimate sharpness and optimum edge retention. PROKNIFE features a high-quality stainless steel sliding track which allows the blade to glide in and out smoothly and has an auto-lock slider to secure the blade for maximum cutting efficiency.



Soft flex squeegee The Squeegee is preferred by the world’s best car wrap installers. Paint is Dead Authorised, PROSERIES car wrap squeegee PROSERIES logo embossed for superior grip and handling.