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ULTRAFIT Window Film

Hybrid Nano Technology

The Newest Breakthrough in Automotive Window Film

ULTRAFIT Window Protection Film provides a film to protect our client’s skin while giving them clear visibility for those long hours on the road. ULTRAFIT’s innovative Hybrid Nano Technology is the optimum solution for protection against harmful UV radiation and for creating the ultimate driving experience.


Embrace the Change

PET: All of ULTRAFIT’s Vivid Series is designed with crystal-clear optical polyester, with a value of 0.4-0.5 for minimal haze and minimal restrictions on the driver’s sight of vision.

Stability: Through many years of thorough field tests, our Vivid Series is certified for maximum colour stability and durability.

Adhesive: With zero instances of bubbling issues and without any issues covering the frit on the windows, our Vivid Series is guaranteed for a seamless installation process.